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nagels Calypso Basic Ticket

Kempen, March 2023

Calypso® is an open, secure standard for ticketing. It is used in more than 25 countries and over 170 cities worldwide and was developed by transport companies and authorities for transport companies and authorities to ensure long-term usability and sustainability of ticketing systems.

As the first company worldwide, nagels introduces a fully certified Calypso Basic ticket in addition to its Calypso Light tickets. In March, the ticket with the Calypso Basic Standard received the certification of the CNA to ensure compatibility and interoperability of Calypso products among each other. Through the independent and transparent certification process, customers and partners worldwide can be sure that the tickets produced by nagels can be easily integrated into existing Calypso systems.

Next opportunity to speak to us? Get to know nagels and learn about the Calypso product range at Transport Ticketing Global in London. The contact person Ms Tanja Hess will be visiting the fair and will be available for numerous discussions there.

This expansion of the ticketing range further strengthens nagels’ position in the field of tickets and smart ticketing. Calypso Basic is a contactless smart ticket with an ISO/IEC 14443 interface running a single Calypso application. This ticket allows access to public transport and can be used in an already existing Calypso infrastructure. Thanks to this compatibility with the Calypso system, the associated integration effort is reduced and setup costs are avoided. Basically, no changes to the data model are necessary and special terminals are not required to process the Calypso Basic Ticket. In this product segment of tickets, the Calypso Basic Ticket offers an unprecedented level of security and is especially aimed at passengers who use public transport rather irregularly.

Technical details of the ticket at a glance:

Calypso Basic

– ISO/IEC 14443 und CEN/TS 16794

– ISO/IEC 7816-4

– Calypso Secure Session with Triple DES (data encryption standard)

– Common criteria EAL2+ hardware and software OR EAL4+ hardware only

– Tailor-made for any data model (e.g., EN 1545 transport data structures)

nagels certificates for 2023 from Scheidt & Bachmann and Skidata

Kempen, January 2023

nagels has been a reliable partner for numerous system manufacturers for decades. In 2023, the nagels team will therefore again receive certifications from its partners Scheidt & Bachmann as well as Skidata. At Scheidt & Bachmann, the company has already been listed as a “Development Partner” for years and has been a preferred and certified ticket supplier of Skidata since 2003.

With these two certificates, nagels certifies and underlines its position as an excellent service provider and assures its customers of consistent quality and functionality of their parking tickets for all systems.

nagels focuses on quality and reliability of their ticketing solutions as well as on the development of innovative products. In addition, the company is available as a contact partner for new developments and product optimizations.

Calypso light tickets from nagels - live usage in the area of Paris

Kempen, 2022

nagels sets another major milestone in expanding its international market footprint in the field of smart ticketing solutions: Being a supplier for Île-de-France Mobilité (IdFM) with its Calypso Light tickets, nagels is one of the first companies to offer them in a commercial environment. After a lengthy testing phase, the first tickets ever containing this brand-new technology are now used in the field under real conditions.   

IdFM is the transportation authority responsible for the transports in Paris and in the 1233 cities around for a total of 15 million inhabitants. Herewith nagels is demonstrating its strong position in the field of smart ticketing for public transport. The implementation phase, called “the run” started in the final days of 2022 and is the exciting first step towards the live usage of the tickets.

The contract awarded to nagels is part of the Mass Transit Modernization Program launched in 2016. Around 1,000 stations, including point of sales, turnstiles and ticketing machines, 10,000 buses, trams, metros, validators, … will be refurbished, retrofitted or renewed and new lines will be opened. Total investment is expected to exceed two billion euros per year until 2024.

We are very proud to be part of this very exciting project which is the first real implementation in the world of this new technology. This contract is a concrete recognition of nagels expertise in the mass transit market globally and more especially in the Calypso arena“, says Insa Nagels, Managing Director.

IdFM incites all the local authorities to upgrade their systems to the Calypso Standard, which is currently one of the most secured ticketing solutions using RFID. The previously used disposable magnetic tickets – well known from all Paris citizens under the name “ticket t” – will be replaced by reloadable and reusable flexible paper tickets named SOCS (Supports Occasionnel Calypso Souple). These new media, all loaded with the new standard Calypso Light® application, will be dispensed by the thousands of ticket vending machines installed in the Paris region. The target audience for this new ticket solution is the general public and occasional users. All tickets are produced in Germany at the nagels headquarter in Kempen.

Calypso® Light and Basic Ticket

Kempen 2022

Calypso® is an open, secure standard for ticketing always with a focus on flexible and long-term deployable products. It is used in more than 25 countries and over 170 cities worldwide and was developed by transport companies and authorities for transport companies and authorities to ensure long-term usability and sustainability.

nagels offers two paper-based products from the Calypso® system in its product portfolio – the Calypso® Light Ticket and the Calypso® Basic Ticket.

Both ticket versions are characterized by high security and fast, contactless transactions. They are produced with the same data model and can be managed in the customer terminals with the same software. This technical feature offers an enormous advantage when switching from one ticket version to another. There are little to no changeover costs if a Calypso® product has already been used in the past.

The differences between both versions can be found in the ticket details. While the Calypso® Light Ticket contains its own operating system with the TimeCOS® CLAP, the Calypso® Basic Ticket is provided with the Calypso® file structure directly during chip manufacture by Infineon. It does not require an extra operating system.  In addition, a significantly smaller chip is installed in the nagels Basic Ticket compared to the Light Ticket. This is also rechargeable and reusable, but only one transportation title can be loaded and not two, as with the Light.  The pre-personalization is also designed to be easier and faster (cost-effective) with Calypso® Basic tickets.

Technical details at a glance:

Calypso® Light Calypso® Basic
  • ISO/IEC 14443 and CEN/TS 16794
  • ISO/IEC 7816-4
  • Calypso® Secure Session with Triple DES hierarchical keys
  • Common criteria EAL4+ hardware platform
  • 2 distinct file structures: legacy and standard
  • Counters, cyclic log of events and other applicative data
  • Tailored for any data model (e.g., EN 1545 transport data structures)
  • Two contracts
  • ISO/IEC 14443 and CEN/TS 16794
  • ISO/IEC 7816-4
  • Calypso® Secure Session with Triple DES hierarchical keys
  • Common criteria EAL2+ hardware and software OR EAL4+ hardware only
  • One contract
  • Tailored for any data model (e.g., EN 1545 transport data structures)

Kempen 2022 – We have once again been certified by Scheidt & Bachmann as development partner.

For 2022, the certified tickets can be used in all Scheidt & Bachmann 88 bit, series 20, series 30 and entervo parking management systems, as well as entervo access systems. 

nagels holds recommended and certified ticket manufacturer status with most of the parking sectors leading OEMs.

Kempen, 2022 – nagels tickets have been certified by Skidata for 2022.

nagels has been a preferred and certified ticket supplier for Skidata since 2003, confirming the consistent quality and functionality of our tickets.

The following tickets have been certified:  TK Unlimited Barcode and TKC Unlimited Magnetic Stripe.

nagels holds recommended and certified ticket manufacturer status with most of the parking sectors leading OEMs.

While many countries are still in a strict lockdown, others are partially opening up again, meaning that the leisure and event industry is finally being able to get back on track. A step that has been long awaited and urgently needed.

Implementing hygiene concepts and measurements is now the most important step to get your business or venue running safely again; but don’t forget about your ticketing needs!

For many nagels is known internationally as the leader in the supply of parking and public transport ticketing, but the company also has a dedicated business unit specialising in event tickets & tags.

nagels has been supplying access ticketing to the events and leisure sector for many years from arenas and stadiums to theme parks and theatres. nagels production capability allows a wide range of overt and covert secure features to be added to the product to offer a higher level of authentication and to minimise the venues or events exposure from fraudulent activity.

From standard barcode to smart contactless RFID solutions our team of leading professionals will help you produce or develop the right product.

We also understand that the ticket itself forms part of the visitor experience and in many instances is kept as memorabilia of the event, so working with our customers and our in-house design team we can provide not just functional access ticketing but a long-lasting memory of the experience.

For those who want to expand more than just a ticket and have almost limitless advertising potential for sponsors, nagels has created an online advertising platform. A QR application on your ticket can direct the user to this platform, offering promotions and much more with the ability to tailor the solution to suit the needs of the venue, sponsor or advertiser, further enhancing the users experience and enjoyment.

The pandemic has impacted on all of us involved in the event and leisure sectors, and for nagels it’s important to ensure that we are ready to support our partners with functional safe and when requested contactless ticketing solutions to offer peace of mind and security to the venue and visitor alike.

If you would like to receive more information on nagels leisure and event ticketing or to discuss your ideas, concerns or concepts for reopening post Covid we would be happy to assist.

With plastic waste impacting the environment and the eco system in such a severe way we need to act now in order to address the issues. This is why at nagels we are driving forward with our environmental initiatives to reduce waste and provide more environmentally friendly solutions.

As a leader in public transport and access ticketing nagels development of FSC smart tickets constructed with FSC inlays are helping our customers old and new transition to a more environmentally sustainable product.  nagels commitment didn’t stop with the pandemic, the business continued with its investment strategy within its smart ticketing manufacturing and coding business units providing significant reductions in set up and run waste benefiting nagels, its customers and the environment.

With the growing demand for paper-based smart tickets and labels for the transport, parking, leisure and logistics sectors nagels development and technical sales teams are helping more customers benefit from this technology.

These usually high volume sectors mean its more important than ever before to consider the environment impact of applications. nagels is ISO14001 environmentally certified and FSC chain-of-custody accredited ensuring materials our sourced from sustainable resources with all thermal materials produced on Bisphenol-A free.

Contact nagels to learn more or discuss your requirements.

As the leader in the manufacture and supply of tickets for the global parking community we are driving forward our internal initiatives to address the global demand for more environmentally friendly print products.

The installation of almost 1000 solar panels at our primary production facility contributes towards the energy requirements in our ticketing manufacturing unit that produces over 4.5 billion tickets annually for a wide range of business sectors.
This investment in clean energy solutions compliments nagels´ other initiatives such as the ongoing ISO14001 environmental certification and FSC® Chain of Custody accreditations ensuring our raw material suppliers are sourcing from sustainable resources whenever possible without compromising on quality and functionality.

Over the past three years we have developed our own bespoke press monitoring and waste management systems on our presses, providing real time data on material usage, waste and press output allowing the team to ensure all KPI’s are met and monitoring change processes to drive down waste across the print facility.

We have also continued our investment throughout the global pandemic not only in our workforce but in our production capability, with significant CapEx in alternative production and finishing lines, providing significantly increased throughput while at the same time dramatically lowering our waste materials.

The initiatives that have driven change within nagels has resulted in us not only retaining business before and throughout the pandemic, but bringing new customers onboard across a wide range of sectors who see the benefits of working with us and the importance of working with a ticketing manufacturer who is pushing environmental sustainability.

Lee Minter, Director of International Operations & Development at nagels says “As a family owned business our greatest resource is our industry leading team, from production staff, warehouse and distribution to back office account management whose commitment to support our activities in driving forward change to reduce our waste across the business has been critical to our success”.

Working with the leading international OEM and system integrators providing fully certified and/or accredited tickets to those operating quality certification programs. nagels is able to ensure the materials used not only address the functionality of TIS but also the climatic conditions of use in over 82 countries, while driving its internal environmental commitments.

Colleaguesnagels Australia

Perth, November 2018 – The PACE Congress & Exhibition is the only convention of its kind in Australia. So of course, our team, from Colleagues Nagels was once again present with a stand.

For the companies of the nagelsgroup it is always important to meet clients and business partners face to face, to discuss experiences and requirements directly.

„PACE is the ideal place, for the expansion and maintenance of our network. New ideas shown and discussed here as well as future trends of the parking industry serve as an inspiration for the optimization of our tickets”, saysTanja D`Intino (Director International Sales).

We´d like to thank all visitors for the informative conversations.


nagels takes great pride in being a family owned business.

From our roots as a small German printing company to an international ticketing market leader operating 15 companies in 10 countries, one thing has always stayed the same: the business is run by members of the Nagels family.

In 1977 Karl Nagels started to build what would be the foundation of Nagels Druck. His son Werner joined him in 1988, when they moved the business to Kempen, setting the direction to become a specialist in ticket manufacturing.

The second son Thomas entered Nagels Druck in 1990, so that the two brothers have been leading nagels for more or less 30 years now, taking on full responsibility, when their father Karl retired in 2008.

In 2013 another member of the Nagels family, Insa Nagels, committed to the business and joined the management board, ensuring that the family tradition is carried on.

It is a given, that products carrying the family name are manufactured to the highest standards, guaranteeing that our customers can always rely on nagels tickets.

Experience, dedication and authenticity have brought nagels to where it is today. Flexibility, versatility and visions will make sure that we are prepared for the future.

Dear customers,

on behalf of the nagelsgroup, I would like to update you on the circumstances affecting the global thermal paper market. It is our responsibility to proactively provide you, our customers, with as detailed information as possible.

Because of the closing of several chemical plants producing Leuco Dye in China, the global thermal paper supply has been severely affected since the beginning of 2017. As there is no definite date for these suppliers to completely resume production, we want to ensure that the supply to our existing customers remains constant.

This has the highest priority for us at nagels and we do our utmost to mitigate the effects resulting from the events on the global paper market.

In addition to the shortage of Leuco Dye, other factors, that are also beyond our control, are contributing to the increase of paper prices.

We would like to give you a comprehensive insight into the current developments which are known to us at the moment. Taking these into account it is very likely that the market prices for the year 2018 will be at an equally high or rising price level.

Leuco dye:

As we explained recently, the production of thermal paper requires a chemical component called Leuco Dye, which allows the paper to react with heat. Due to various factors, the production of Leuco Dye is still limited.

New environmental regulations in China aiming for a clean and safe production and to improve air quality, shortages of Leuco Dye ingredients and the resulting (partial) closure of production facilities lead to the fact that production in 2018 will still not meet market demand.

What complicates the situation further, is the fact that after companies had partially resumed production, they had to be shut down again due to safety incidents.

We expect prices for Leuco Dye to remain on the current high level in the foreseeable future due to increasing regulatory pressure in the country of production.


A major component of all paper products, including thermal paper, is pulp. According to data from the Federal Statistical Office, the prices for graphic paper and cardboard produced in Germany have risen sharply since October 2017. Since the beginning of 2018, they have grown by more than 5%. Factory prices for newsprint paper increased as well – in April 2018 by 6.3% compared to the same month last year. At the same time, import paper prices are growing: by 10.6% for newsprint paper in March 2018 and 6.3% for other graphic paper. Together with similarly large price adjustments of the paper wholesale, this results in price increases of 15%. The rise in pulp prices is mainly due to an increase in global demand and decreasing capacity.

Demand is impacted by a decline in the printing and publishing industry, which is compensated by a greater demand for packaging materials related to e-commerce and online orders. Many producers have recently shut down inefficient machinery, permanently removing these capacities from the market.

As mentioned above, ensuring a sufficient supply for all existing customers is our highest priority. To this day, we are constantly pursuing our paper procurement strategy to prevent delays, so we do not interrupt your business activities.

Your trust and loyalty encourage us to continue our strategy until the situation stabilizes and eventually resolves itself.

Unterschrift Werner Nagels

Werner Nagels


Paris, June 2018 – The last month was well filled with many international appearances and we exhibited at the „Transports Publics“ in Paris for the first time as well.

For the team at nagels – operated by proticket it was mainly the aim to make the name nagels known as a provider of a broad range of tickets and as a reliable ticketing partner to all instances of mass transit, from cities to OEMs.

A clear focus for everyone attending was definitely on the use of contactless smart tickets and mobile solutions such as the Calypso Light Application.

A huge advantage during the discussions around these topics was the membership in the Calypso Networks Association, which nagels received in January and which helped the company to stand out.

“The exhibition was very interesting for us, since we were able to present nagels as kind of a new player here. Nevertheless, the name nagels in combination with tickets is already known in this sector and we are positively looking forward to the development of the conversations we had” says Eric Lopez (Director, nagels – operated by proticket).

Coventry, June 2018 – Once again, the nagels team exhibited the wide-ranging product portfolio at Parkex.

Although the main focus was of course on parking tickets, products such as plastic cards and services like ticket advertising were presented to the visitors.

The proven stand concept from last year scored again with a clear look and provided the visitor with lots of information about nagels even before talking to our colleagues.

“During the two days, we met with many customers. These meetings are important for customer loyalty. Of course, there were also some discussions with new contacts, so that it was overall a good exhibition, “concludes Derek Skelton (Chief Executive International Operations).

Next year, Parkex will again be an integral part of the nagels exhibition calendar.

Orlando, June 2018 – The colleagues from NNA once again ensured that the reputation of nagels spread further in the parking sector.

The booth at the Park Conference & Exhibition “IPI”, in Orlando, exhibited many different types of tickets, allowing each of the many visitors to gain an overview of the various systems and possibilities and, of course, the quality of the nagels products.

A raffle for the visitors, with the possibility to win a television, further supported the popularity of the nagels stand so that the entire team was busy for the whole three days.

“We would like to thank all our customers that came to visit us for their continued support, and hope that the many new contacts we made, will be customers when the show returns in 2019 in Anaheim, California,” says Derek Skelton (Chief Executive International Operations).

Amsterdam, March 2018 – After months of preparing, planning and organising, the Intertraffic finally took place in Amsterdam from March 20th until the 23rd.

More than 30,000 visitors from 134 countries, are drawn to this exhibition every other year. The latest trends and developments of the industry are shown there to a broad audience by app. 800 exhibitors.

The 48 m2 large nagels booth attracted over 480 international visitors this year. With a choice of 15 different ticket types for manufacturers such as Designa, Parkeon and Scheidt & Bachmann there was an example for every need.

Especially the topic of RFID was met with great interest and will play an increasingly important role in the future.

“The show was a real success for nagels and the entire group. We welcomed partners, customers and new contacts from all corners of the world at our booth.This resulted in many interesting discussions around the various world of products nagels has to offer, the nagels webshop or the latest developments in the parking market.We look forward to 2020 and until then to many more meetings and discussions”, summarises Julian Janssen (Head of Marketing).

The exclusive nagels Dinner for invited guests was a huge success as well. In a relaxed atmosphere customer relations were strengthened and new projects discussed.

The booth for Intertraffic Amsterdam 2020 has already been reserved again.

Kempen, January 2018 –nagels is a member of the Calypso Networks Association (CNA) since the beginning of this year.

Calypso is an international ticketing standard, which was originally called to life by some European transport operators and authorities. With the introduction of contactless ticket solutions, in the early 1990s, they faced compatibility issues between the individual systems and transport networks.

The aim was and is to find and further develop an overarching, intelligent and contactless technology for the transaction between system and smartcard, which is made available to all manufacturers.

Thus, in addition to a smooth flow for the travelers, a monopoly on the market is prevented.

The members of the CNA are system manufacturers, public authorities, and industrial suppliers, such as nagels, who together want to improve, spread and develop the Calypso technology.

As part of the CNA, nagels, with its smart ticketing solutions, is not only in step with time, but can also help shape the future of smart travel.

“Joining the Calypso Networks Association provides a platform for our business to actively participate in the development and standardisation of smart ticketing solutions internationally.  As smart city initiatives continue to expand globally, it’s our aim to remain at the forefront of smart technology, pushing the boundaries for development and implementation”, says Insa Nagels (Business Development).

London, January 2018 – The Transport Ticketing is one of the most exciting exhibitions regarding the topic ticketing in mass transit. Once again nagels exhibited its products and was available for questions about ticketing.

The omnipresent topic of “smart transportation” was fully addressed by Insa Nagels, Derek Skelton and Lee Minter with nagels´ paper-based RFID products (Smart Tickets).

Just in time for the exhibition, the nagels team also received the ITSO certification. ITSO is dedicated to simplifying travel on public transport in the UK through smart ticketing technology. The certification of the renowned company thus represents an important step for nagels tickets in public transport.

A lot of the international audience´s attention was also ensured by a “smart” helper at the nagels booth. A small robot, who greeted visitors after touch and showed a video from the nagels production. This allowed insights into the company in a unique and interesting way. A highlight for many of the visitors from all over the world.

The next Transport Ticketing is already in the nagels exhibition plan for 2019.

Mexico, November 2017 – The mexican parking market is huge. There are more than 4 million cars in Mexico City alone (in Berlin i.e. there are a mere 1.2 million).

Therefore, all internationally relevant providers where present.

At the nagels stand, Tanja D`Intino (Director International Sales) presented our products to the mainly mexican audience and was able to make valuable contacts.

However, to succeed in Mexico you have to speak Spanish. In our offices in Canada, Spain (of course) and even here in Germany, we have Spanish-speaking employees, to offer the best serviced possible.

„There are many chances in the mexican parking market due to its size, but it is hard to enter, as it is extremely price oriented”, draws Tanja D`Intino a conclusion.

This challenge now has to be addressed in the next month.

Rotterdam, September 2017 – For nagels, the 18th EPA Congress and Exhibition was a great opportunity to meet up with European customers.

Due to the increasing digitalization of the parking market, the presented RFID products got a lot of attention for different applications as for example park & ride.

Additionally, there was a lot of interest in the online ordering system, which Tanja D’Intino and Hans van der Elburg presented to several customers.

Of course, also the products that nagels is known for, meaning any kind of parking tickets, were discussed. “Our customers appreciate our flexibility and especially that we are able to supply tickets for every existing equipment” resumes Tanja D’Intino (Director International Sales).

Paris, June 2017 – For the tenth time Pro Ticket exhibited at the French Parkopolis. This year offered the opportunity to present the new corporate identity nagels – operated by proticket to more than 4,000 visitors.

Most customers were interested to find out more about contactless RFID-technology.

“There were a lot of questions regarding the technical advantages compared to usage of magnetic stripes”, says Eric Lopez (Director, nagels – operated by proticket).

So naturally it was an advantage that nagels – operated by proticket was able to show RFID-products from our own production and advise the customers accordingly.

We are very pleased with the newly established contacts and the resulting opportunities.

Karlsruhe, June 2017 – The “Parken 2017” opened its gates from 21.06-22.06.2017 in Karlsruhe for the complete industry.

From the start of the exhibition, the nagels team welcomed many guests to the new and modern designed trade show booth.

With summer temperatures reaching 34 °C, the most popular topics at the booth included RFID, plastic card printers and the new nagels webshop. Each of these could be experienced live on-site.

“The whole team can look back on two very successful days filled with many good conversations. The customer’s feedback confirms that what’s most important is to always pay attention to service quality, as well as the customers concerns to let them know you are on their side”, says Julian Janßen (Head of Marketing).

New Orleans, April 2017 – The IPI (International Parking Institute) is the worldwide largest and leading association of parking specialists. At the annual parkingconference & exhibition, the largest in North America, more than 3,000 experts and 250 exhibitors from more than 35 countries come together.

The nagels booth proudly stood from the 21st to the 24th of April of this year in New Orleans.

“We received a number of opportunities to quote and have turned a few of the quotes into orders since the
show ended,” declares Dave Partington (President, nagels North America).

A result that we are very happy with.

Next year’s show will be in Orlando from June 3rd to June 5th 2018.

New Orleans, January 2017 – Our colleagues from nagels North America could not miss the most important exhibition for Leisure tickets in America, 38th  INTIX Conference & Exhibition.

The well attend show offered perfect contact possibilities for everyone involved in the ticketing sector, stadium sports, exhibitions and festivals.

“The show is very challenging as approximately 20% of the vendors are printers, with this year seeing the arrival of two new printing companies, Southland and Syndicate printing“, says Dave Partington, President nagels NNA.

Nevertheless nagels was able to send out a number of quotes to potential clients following the show and we will see in time if any materialize.

Birmingham, April 2017 – Parkex, the largest dedicated exhibition for the parking industry in Europe took place in Birmingham from April 4th until the 6th.

nagels welcomed many new and existing clients on the spacious stand.

“All 3 days exceeded expectations”, sums up Jim Williamson (Managing Director, nagels UK) happily.

We are especially delighted about the valuable conversations which where lead with our visitors. Many contacts and new requests for quotations resulted from them.

nagels is already looking forward to 2018 and the next Parkex.

London, January 2017 – Mass Transit is an important business sector for nagels. Therfore we exhibited once again at the Transport Ticketing in London this year, to cause the name “nagels“ to become even more known in this business area.

Even though it wasn´t easy to guide clients to the exhibition stands due to the conference taking place at the same time, the internationally visited exhibition offered ideal possibilities to not only acquire new clients, but to get in touch with the OEMs.

The topic of digitalisation was a key focus for many visitors, but even more important was the thought of being able to offer a variety of ticketing possibilities to make traveling as easy as possible.

„It was important to us to emphasizes that we are able to offer support in all ticketing solutions“, sums up Insa Nagels, Business Development.

Dubai, November 2016 – Once again the Gulf Traffic show in Dubai was a success for the  nagels business. New developments and product initiatives were shared and discussed.

As the international leader in the manufacture and supply of parking tickets it is important for nagels to get to know the environment in which they are being used. That way it can be secured that we are producing the ideal product for our clients. Especially in regions with extrem variations in temperature, like the Middle East for example.

„The show provided us the perfect platform to promote our business to a wide range of clients across the MENA region with many new opportunities to develop and strengthen relationships with our partners “, Lee Minter, Director International Operations, sums up.

Perth, November 2016 – PACE is the largest Parking event in Australia, providing network opportunities and targeted at all aspects of Parking.

The new joint venture ColleaguesNagels took the chance to exhibit together for the first time at this year’s 15th annual event.

“The show was well attended and very well organized, giving us the opportunity to meet many of our new and old customers and to make numerous new contacts”, says Derek Skelton, Chief Executive (International Operations).

So overall a very successful show, which marks the beginning for many more shows to come.

Kempen, November 2016 – As part of the new business strategy, nagels repositions itself: all worldwide subsidiaries of the international leader in the manufacturing and supply of machine issue tickets will be combined under the brand nagels.

The company thereby emphasizes its international presence and multifaceted solutions in the ticket sector. Operating 15 companies in 10 countries, the annual production of nagels exceeds 3.5 billion tickets, with products used in more than 80 countries across the world.

At the same time all online activities of the 10 international companies will be combined under

The new company appearance is available internationally and will be individualized for Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Turkey, Belgium, France, Canada and the USA with the aim of optimally designing the content for the customers’ needs and to offer specific solutions for our customers’ business area.

Furthermore there will be solutions available for the sectors mass transit, leisure, parking and cards.

ColleaguesNagels Launch

1st May 2016 sees the launch of a new parking ticket manufacturer into Australia. German ticketing giant nagels has formed a Joint Venture with Western Australian based Colleagues Print. This joint venture will manage the sales, marketing and customer services operations for two manufacturing plants based in Kempen Germany and Perth Australia.

Australian customers will be able to order a wide range of parking and transit related products and services including tickets, plastic card and RFID systems.

The company nagels is one of the largest manufactures of tickets and transit cards in the world with plants in Europe and North America, the Group has worldwide accreditations offering impressive manufacturing capacity.

Colleagues Print has achieved substantial growth in the Australasian marketplace supplying the highest quality on and off street parking tickets, infringements and specialised permit solutions. The business has been awarded preferred supplier status with several of the leading equipment system suppliers by supplying consistently high-quality products and service.

For more information visit:

First exhibition at the Transport Ticketing & Passenger Information Global 2016

London, January 2016 – The nagelsgroup started the year 2016 with participation at the fair Transport Ticketing & Passenger Information Global. The key players of international transport industry gathered on January 26 and 27 in London’s Old Billingsgate, to discuss smart ticketing solutions, to hear interesting lectures and to make new contacts.

The nagelsgroup was represented for the first time as an exhibitor at the Transport Ticketing & Passenger Information Global and this premiere was worth it. A large proportion of the 700 participants were potential customers who were currently actively looking for new ticketing technologies. This allowed holding many interesting and valuable discussions.

From year to year the Transport Ticketing & Passenger Information Global grow in importance worldwide. The visit of this event in the next year is already scheduled for the nagelsgroup. We look forward to a reunion in London in January 2017.

The nagelsgroup are pleased to announce it has once again achieved approved and recommended ticket supplier certification by Parkeon.

nagelsgroup were the first business to achieve this accreditation under the new certification process implemented by Parkeon back in July 2012. nagelsgroup has a long history producing Parkeon ticketing and have been a recommended supplier for Parkeon for many years.

This renewed certification reflects the nagelsgroup commitment to quality, service and functionality, ensuring the tickets manufactured meet the specified requirements for the parking terminals produced by Parkeon.

nagelsgroup are the world leader in the manufacture and supply of tickets for the parking sector; producing over 3.5 billion tickets annually while supporting customers in more than 70 countries around the world.

For more details on nagelsgroup Parkeon ticketing products, or any other ticket requirements please contact:

After two years break, the RAI-building was once again the heart of Amsterdam. Industry proffessionals from around the world gathered to meet and view new products and technologies.

Looking back at the "Intertraffic“ 2016

More than 800 exhibitors from over 45 countries including the nagelsgroup were represented at this year’s show making it an unmissable event in the parking calender.

For the nagelsgroup the Intertraffic trade fair is the perfect platform to meet customers and suppliers from around the world and get a good opportunity to view the latest industry trends. Insa Nagels stated: “This year’s Intertraffic was a great success, as we had the opportunity to meet and expand our share of new customers and prospects.”
In addition to their many ticketing products the nagelsgroup presented the new marketing campaign, which received positive feedback from customers and suppliers. Werner Nagels said: “We appreciate the opportunity Intertraffic provides allowing us to meet the many friends and partners of the nagelsgroup. Nowhere else offers us such international parking presence.” The nagelsgroup was represented by their companies from Germany, Netherlands, England, France, Turkey, Canada, USA and Spain.
The nagelsgroup team would like to thank all visitors for their interest in our products and is looking forward to seeing you again on one of our next events. Also big thank you to the guests of the nagelsroup dinner. It was an unforgettable evening in a stunning location.

The nagelsgroup receives SKIDATA certification once again

Nagels Druck Kempen has once again been certified by SKIDATA as an approved manufacturer of the full SKIDATA ticketing range. Nagels highlights that its consistency in quality and product performance garnered them its 13th consecutive year of favor from SKIDATA.

International Group Marketing Manager of nagelsgroup, Dr. Alex Kreikenberg states: “Ticket issuing system manufacturers and system integrators within the parking industry award certification based on a wide range of technical performance criteria. Our certification ensures that the customer can rely upon products that meet the technical and functional demands of the systems. In addition nagels undertakes significant product and process developments to ensure the climatic conditions are addressed for the environmentin which our tickets will be supplied to further enhance ticket reliability.”

Our approved and certified SKIDATA tickets can be easily identified from the SKIDATA SDQ code found on the reverse of each ticket and the unique serial numbering. The use of our certified products offer additional confidence in the performance and functionality of the media minimising ticket related errors for our partners mission critical applications.

nagelsgroup presents its portfolio in the Middle East

Dubai, December 2015 – Over the last couple of years the growth of Dubai into a mega million city has increased its influence within the Middle East region. To live a better life every year a large number of people from all over the world move there. This is why the ‘City of Gold’ has to cope with tremendous infrastructural challenges. What place could better set the scenery for the most important trade show event for mass transit and traffic in the Middle East region? In the shadows of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on the planet,

more than 150 exhibitors from more than 70 countries displayed a large variety of innovations and future oriented solutions to cope with the future demand of urban traffic.

‘For nagelsgroup the 2015 Gulf Traffic proved to be a success’, says Lee Minter, Director of International Operations at nagelsgroup, ‘Nagels business clients where kind enough to visit from India, Africa, Lebanon, and of course the UAE. The show gave the team the opportunity to meet customers and prospects from the MENA region and to receive orders as well’, Minter continues.

The show was literally the icing on the cake for our company, who has experienced a successful year not only in the parking sector, but with unprecedented growth in the smart ticketing transportation sector. With new partnerships established for 2016 and some exciting product developments rolling out from January 2016 the year ahead will bring both challenges and rewards for the group and our customers.

‘We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all those who visited us at the Gulf Traffic event and our other shows throughout 2015 and to all our international customers/partners who placed business with us’, Werner Nagels, CEO of nagelsgroup states.

In 2016 nagelsgroup will again be part of the exhibitor family at Gulf Traffic, which will take place at the beginning of December 2016 in Dubai.

Looking back at the "Parken"/ EPA Kongress 2015

Berlin, September 2015 – The exhibition ‘Parken’ is the most holistic parking show in Germany and of great importance to us as a parking ticket manufacturer.

We are exhibiting at the show for years now and appreciate the opportunity to present our company while discovering new industry trends. Furthermore, the show provides an ideal platform for networking.

This year’s exhibition surpassed our expectations as the EPA congress was held together with the “Parken”.

We recognized many more international visitors compared to the last years.

As we are a globally active company, we appreciated this and are happy to be present as exhibitor in the next years.

Review: IPI Conference & Expo 2015

The 2015 IPI Conference and Trade Show was held in Las Vegas, Nevada from June 29th to July 2nd.

It is the largest parking tradeshow in North America with approximately 3000 attendees and over 235 exhibitors and is both an educational conference and tradeshow.

This year we proudly accepted the award for “Best in Show” for our booth, which is presented for uniqueness, effectiveness and creativity in booth design and presentation as voted by the attendees.

Next year the show will be in Nashville, TN from May 17 to May 20.

Review: Parkopolis

PRO TICKET exhibited at PARKOPOLIS on 17th and 18th June 2015.

PARKOPOLIS is an exhibition and conference for the French market that takes place every 2 years.

92 companies exhibited this year. This included all of the OEMs in the French Market and also new competitors with a small market share which shows a rise in demand and competition for new systems companies.

The two days gave us the opportunity to meet our customers (OEMs and parking operators), and to speak to and build up relationships with potential customers.

Review: ParkeerVak 2015

In April 2015 Roveka BV, the Dutch branch of nagels, exhibited at ParkeerVak in Den Bosch.

ParkeerVak is the biggest parking and traffic management exhibition in the Netherlands, so it provides a good platform for strengthening customer relationships, getting to know industry leaders and exchanging knowledge.

This year, Roveka exhibited in new areas such as bike parking and tickets for mass transit, which went down well with the visitors. Scratch cards, parking permits and long life parking passes completed the innovative portfolio exhibited.

We appreciate the interest shown in our products and thank all of the people who visited the stand.

We look forward to seeing you again at future exhibitions.

Review: Traffex & Parkex 2015

From April 21th to 23th the nagelsgroup has exhibited at Parkex in NEC, Birningham (UK).

As the European´s number one trade fair for parking, access control and software, Parkex offers a comprehensive overview of innovation in the market.

Thank you for your interest and visit. We look forward to welcoming you again soon.

Review Parkex 2014

From June 2nd to 4th the nagelsgroup has exhibited at IPI Conference & Expo in Dallas/Texas (USA). As the world’s number one trade fair for parking and transport, IPI offers a comprehensive overview of innovations in the market. More than 2000 visitors and more than 200 exhibitors meet for four days to join in expert talks.

From June 10th to 11th the nagelsgroup has exhibited at Parkex in Olympia/London (UK).

As the European´s number one trade fair for parking, access control and software, Parkex offers a comprehensive overview of innovation in the market.

Thank you for your interest and visit. We look forward to welcoming you again soon.



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